Your appointment at the paediatric dental practice

It is best to book your appointment by telephone

Most people have a few questions to ask when they are thinking of visiting our paediatric dental practice for the first time, which is why we ask you to book your appointment the old-fashioned way: by telephone. This enables us to answer your questions quickly and directly. And, at the same time, you will get to know the first member of our team: our qualified dental assistant Nicole Gebhardt.

call us on: 0911/242 73 24

If you are unable to get through to us because the line is busy, you can also e-mail us at: Let us know your name, telephone number and reason for getting in touch. We will call you back as soon as we can to book an appointment.

Your first visit to our paediatric dental practice

Your child should feel comfortable and relaxed on every visit. That is why the first visit is just about having a look and a chat. Whether this is your child’s first ever dental appointment or the first after a problematic experience – the first visit to our paediatric dental practice with the blue elephant is all about getting to know each other:

  • We look to see if your child’s little teeth are healthy and ask a few health-related questions for your child’s medical history.
  • Depending on what we find, we often need to take x-rays.
  • Then, together with you, we will discuss the diagnosis and come up with an individual plan for further preventive dental care or dental treatment. In addition to the condition of your child’s teeth, we consider your child’s age and how prepared they are for treatment.
  • We offer you comprehensive advice on all aspects of oral hygiene at home, healthy eating for teeth, what causes caries and what we can do together to prevent it.
  • Meanwhile, your child plays and gets to know our rooms and the practice team. The next visit to the paediatric dentist is then almost routine and we start your child’s actual treatment in a very relaxed way.

By providing your child with small senses of achievement, we help them become accustomed to the new situation – soon your child will feel as brave and strong as our practice's imposing and thick-skinned blue mascot. 

For your child’s first appointment with us, please remember to …

  • Bring along your child’s health insurance card as well as
  • your child’s referral letter or instructions from your family dentist, x-rays and heart condition/allergy passport, if available.
  • Prepare your child in the best way possible by not making a big issue of visiting us. More tips can be found in the FAQs.

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