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Dear fellow dentists in and around Nuremberg!

Every well-planned dental practice’s schedule seems to go out of the window when it comes to treating children. This will certainly be very familiar to you: some children wriggle and fidget, others require particular patience because they are anxious. And still others hold everything up because they are curious about every new instrument and want a detailed explanation of what each one does – and that, of course, means a simple but imaginative explanation that does not frighten them in any way! We are very familiar with this too. But in our waiting room, no-one minds if things take a little longer than planned. Parents are usually very understanding because they know that next time it could be their child who needs a little extra time and attention.  

As specialist paediatric dentists, we also have a lot more options for making our treatments child-friendly. For this reason, if you would like us to, we can take the “difficult cases” off your hands. Feel free to refer your young patients to us if they:

  • are unable to comply enough to let you perform the required dental treatment because they are too young, too anxious, already traumatised, have a disability or are uncooperative for other reasons
  • require difficult or lengthy dental treatments, but the prospect of these being successful in the long-term is slim because the child is unable to work with you
  • can only receive certain treatments under sedation or anaesthesia

In particular, early childhood caries (ECC) is almost impossible to get under control without special calming methods. If the long-term ECC treatment requires the complete restoration of the child’s milk teeth, this can be very traumatic for young children. In such cases, at least sedation and even intubation anaesthesia is often recommended. Our paediatric dental practice is perfectly equipped for this with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), an operating theatre and a team of anaesthetists.

A lot more options for child-focused treatments

We are prepared for problematic treatments for children here at Dr. Christina Jürgensen’s specialist paediatric dental practice. Over several decades, we have developed a holistic, educational practice philosophy that focuses on children and their specific psychological needs. This includes:

  • rooms designed to be child-friendly, where little adventurers can explore to their hearts’ content and forget their worries by doing so.
  • desensitisation appointments to prevent traumatic experiences of going straight in for treatment
  • our very own child-friendly imaginative language that we use in our practice to explain what is happening and actively involve the children in their treatment. At the same time, we take them on a phantasy adventure to distract them from any details that are not so pleasant.
  • flat examination couches that make children feel more at ease because they are familiar with them from visits to their paediatrician and they do not suddenly move like dentists’ chairs
  • TV screens on the ceiling above the couches for distraction
  • equipment, rooms and specialist staff for pharmaceutical or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation as well as dental treatment under intubation anaesthesia

You refer your little rebels to us – we will return brave little heroes

When you refer children to Dr. Christina Jürgensen’s paediatric dental practice, you are ensuring that they are seen under the best conditions for successful dental care. You also help your little patients lose any fear they may have of the dentist. We introduce them to dental treatment in a way that is appropriate to their age and specific to each individual case. Gradually, they (re-)develop a relaxed and trusting attitude towards regular dental appointments. We are happy to leave it up to the children to decide, with your agreement, when they are ready to return to your practice. In any case, we will always return them to you with greater confidence and teeth that have been very well looked after!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us or e-mail us. We look forward to exchanging professional ideas with you and working together for strong and healthy children and their teeth.

With kind regards from your colleagues at 

Dr. Christina Jürgensen’s
paediatric dental practice in Nuremberg