Preventive dental care to complement check-ups by paediatricians

Information for paediatricians

Dear colleagues in and around Nuremberg!

Early childhood caries (ECC) is and remains a challenge. One that we would like to face in collaboration with you! You already do a great deal to ensure children’s best chance at a healthy life thanks to your U1 to U9 early detection check-ups. Unfortunately, however, the risk of ECC has not yet diminished. On the contrary, early childhood caries is now one of the most common chronic childhood diseases in Germany. In particular, the number of extreme cases with lots of affected teeth and a high degree of decay is rising among very small children. This is why we want to work actively with you to combat caries in (small) children in Nuremberg!

Early dental prophylaxis makes a difference

Studies show that early and regular prophylaxis is a good way to prevent early childhood caries. This is why the list of services covered by statutory health insurance was extended in 2019 so that: statutory health insurance will cover all costs for three additional early detection dental check-ups for small children from 6 to 33 months. 

In addition to this, parents will receive practical instructions to support their child’s oral hygiene (FU Pr). Three further early detection dental check-ups will take place as usual from 34 to 72 months (FU 2).

In parallel to your U5, U6, U7, U7a, U8 and U9 check-ups, you can now also refer your young patients to a (paediatric) dental practice for a total of six paediatric dental check-ups. Extra tick boxes are added for this in the child’s yellow health record booklet (Kinderuntersuchungsheft).

Working together to fight caries in Nuremberg

With regular preventive dental care and early intervention we can help paediatricians combat early childhood caries and ensure the best possible oral health for your small patients. We are perfectly equipped for this as Nuremberg’s first and only purely paediatric dental practice in Nuremberg.

Good reasons for a referral to paediatric dentist Dr. Christina Jürgensen:

  • Our holistic, educational practice philosophy carefully introduces children to dental treatment. Separate desensitisation appointments are available to allay any existing fears and build up trust and confidence.
  • Rooms designed to be child-friendly, TV screens for distraction and a practice team that is specifically trained to treat children make every visit to us a happy experience.
  • Rather than the standard dentists’ chairs, here we use flat examination couches. Children are familiar with these from visits to your practice. This makes them feel more at ease.
  • We have special treatment options at our paediatric dental practice for young, anxious children who have extensive caries and little compliance with us while we treat them. In addition to equipment for and expertise in the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation, we also have the options of intubation anaesthesia, an operating theatre and an experienced team of anaesthetists at our disposal. Alongside the child’s treatment with the family dentist, we can perform even very challenging treatments for ECC or a complete restoration of milk teeth without the child feeling any fear or pain.

Of course, we would prefer not to get to that stage at all and would rather prevent caries from occurring in the first place through prophylaxis and early detection. Will you help us with this? Let the parents of your young patients know about the free preventive dental care available to them. Refer them to a (paediatric) dental practice. With advice, information and regular preventive dental care, we can work together to put a stop to early childhood caries once and for all.

More than simply preventing caries

As you yourself have specialised in treating children, you will be fully aware that children need special attention and an environment in which they feel safe and at ease. Adults rarely associate visits to the dentist with good feelings. With children, we have a unique opportunity to associate positive impressions of visits to the dentist from the outset. This is something our young patients will benefit from for the rest of their lives. For this reason, the aim of our practice is to work just as consistently at preventing negative feelings as we do at preventing caries. Please take a look at the rooms at our practice. Contact us to exchange ideas and experiences. Let’s support our young patients together.

We look forward to working with you!

With kind regards from your colleagues at
Dr. Christina Jürgensen
paediatric dental practice in Nuremberg