Fun at the dentist – this is how it’s done

The special dental practice for children!

Children are not young adults. It is important to gently introduce young patients to treatment. Our new practice concept not only guarantees the best possible medical care, by using specific treatment methods and creating a child-friendly atmosphere, we also strive to ensure that visiting the dentist becomes a happy experience!

Strengths of our practice:

  • Specially trained practice personnel
  • Child-friendly equipment and treatment methods
  • An atmosphere which inspires confidence

Objectives of our care:

  • To achieve the best possible oral health
  • To offer advice and impart knowledge on treatment and dental care
  • To create an atmosphere in which the child can be treated without fear and anxiety
  • To inspire a lifelong, positive attitude towards the dentist and oral health

Treatment methods:

  • Child psychology and games
  • Behaviour management techniques
  • Modern nitrous oxide (laughing gas) treatment
  • Sedation
  • General anaesthesia